Top 10 National Marine Park in Thailand

Thailand is the best destination for bird watching in Mainland Asia. In national parks, you will see diverse number of animals and native plants. You will get the wildlife experience in national park tour, Thailand. Out of these 127 national parks, 22 marine national parks are in Thailand. These parks offer a wide range of flora and fauna. Below are the some fantastic national marine parks in Thailand.

1) Khao Yai National Park

khao yai national parkKhao Yai National Park is third largest national park in Thailand. It is easily accessible by vehicles and bicycles. If you want to watch wildlife then it is one of the best national parks. Various commons animals like sambar deer, gibbon, porcupines, great hornbills, civet, barking deer. Best time to view Great hornbills, gaur and elephant is early morning. In early morning, Gibbons are mostly active. Night wildlife, kayaking and rafting are the attractions of the Khao Yai National Park. In night wildlife, you can see wild pigs, deer and porcupines.

2) Kaeng Krachan National Park

Kaeng Krachan National ParkKaeng Krachan National Park is one of the largest national parks in Thailand. This park is covering a total area of 2914 km². It is the best location for birds and mammals. This park is having 57 species of mammals and more than 400 bird species. Some of rare birds that can be found in Kaeng Krachan are giant pitta, grey-headed fish eagle, ratchet tailed treepie, great argus, white-fronted scops owl, whooly-necked stork. Kaeng Krachan National Park is famous for morning cloud covering the park around December-March, creating a breathtaking view.

3) Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National ParkKhao Sok National Park is the most popular and easily accessible park in Surat Thani Province, South Thailand. Area of this park is 739 km². In this park, various types of plant life can be found. Best known attraction of this park is raft houses which are on Chew Lan Lake. The park is contains various world species. Wild Mammals like barking deer, guar, bear, sambar deer, Asian elephant, tiger, wild boar, langur. It is also contains several waterfalls.

4) Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National ParkDoi Inthanon National Park is covering an area of 482 km² which is in northern, Thailand. It include contry’s highest mountain i.e. Doi Inthanon. This park is contains several waterfalls along the road like Mae Klang falls, Siriphum Falls, Wachiratan Falls and Mae Ya Falls. For birdwatchers, it is one of the best places in Thailand. This park contains various species of bird. Due to high altitude and montane forests the park has cool temperature all year around. This is the unforgettable ecotourism experience.

5) Angthong National Marine Park

Angthong National Marine ParkAngthong National Marine Park Koh Samui is an engrossing archipelago of 42 islands in the Thailand. It is northwest of Koh Samui. It is a protected nature area famous for its natural beauty. You will enjoy kayaking, sightseeing, hiking and lounging on the beach. In the surrounding see, you can see various colorful fishes. Due to inclement weather, park is closed in the months of November to January. March to October is the best time to visit Angthong National Marine Park.

6) Khao Luang National Park

Khao Luang National ParkKhau Luang is highest mountain in Southern Thailand. This park is covers an area of 570 square kilometers. It contains large variety of wildlife includes rivers, waterfalls, forests, mountains. This area also provides watershed for the surrounding farms and villages. It is also provide green roof to Southern Thailand. The park is rain forest that having fauna, tropical flora as well as wild animals and rare plants. You can enjoy the trekking along various routes to discover the beauty of Khao Luang National Park.

7) Hat Chao Mai National Park

Hat Chao Mai National ParkHat Chao Mai is a National Marine Park and located in the Sikao and Kantang Districts. This national park is famous for enjoying beautiful sunsets, spicy southern Thai food and empty beaches. Environmental condition for both birds and aquatic animals is perfect. Various least well-known beaches and islands are the attraction of this park which is accessible by car. Accommodations are available on the island.


8) Ao Phang-Nga National Park

Ao Phang-Nga National ParkAo Phang-Nga National Park is in Southern Thailand. No one can forget to visit this park during national park tour. Most of the park is consist of an area of Andaman Sea. The best known of these islands is Khao Phing Kan which is popularly called as James Bond Island because for James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun, this location was used. Ao Phang-Nga National Park protects the largest area of native forest in Thailand.

9) Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

khao sam roi yot national parkKhao Sam Roi Yot National Park is a mountainous national park in Sam Roi Yot district, Thailand. Kuha Karuhas temple is one of the top attractions of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Kuha Karuhas temple is built inside the Phraya Nakhon Cave. This park includes rare animals like Dusky Langurs, Mainland Serow and many bird species. Hat Sam Phraya and Hat Laem Sala are the two sand beaches in the park. You can reached their by climbing up or by boat.

10) Thung Salaeng Luang National Park

Thung Salaeng Luang National ParkThung Salaeng Luang National Park is home to the three-tiered Kaeng Song waterfall. Most of the visitors visit this waterfall which is having stunning and peaceful nature. Visitors can bathe in the surrounding waters and enjoy the coffee nearby coffee shop. For the Photographers, this is the best destination to capture the stunning nature. You can also enjoy whitewater rafting at Kaeng Wang Nam Yen.

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