Top 10 free android apps for Business

Those days are gone when mobiles or smart phones are used only for the voice communication purpose only. Now a day’s mobile devices are not only the communication devices but act as powerful personal computer with the right set of tools which make them invaluable productivity machine. If you are running small or big business let ready to download latest android apps for your tablet or Smartphone which make your business faster and easier. You can transform Android device from interesting gadget to powerful personal computer for your small business with the use of smart free android apps.


1) Google Docs, Slides and Sheets


Google Docs Slide and Sheets is the most productivity suite for Android Smartphone and tablets. It is own Google collection absolutely free of cost. This app includes Spread sheet editor, presentation maker slides and word processor. The app offers better tools to insert images, tables and charts into your documents. These apps are compatible with Microsoft office files so you can easily transition between your mobile devices and desktop computer. Google apps offers more interactive interface than competing apps on the platform. These apps are available as mobile apps for smart phone and android, web application and chrome apps.

2) Google Drive

Google Drive

Google drive is Google own collection absolutely available for free. Like DropBox, Box and One drive – Google drive allows users to store files, share files, edit documents and presentations with collaborators. As Google drive launched on April 24, 2012 and had 240 million active users as of October 2014. Google drive allow users to save files and documents online so user can access and baked up their useful documents on any android devices with an Internet connection.


3) Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote DesktopMicrosoft Remote Desktop is most reliable and secure app for small business allows user to connect remotely his work PC form Tablet or Android Phone. The app provides users with a graphical interface to connect one computer or tablet to another over the network. The app allow user to take full advantages of desktop versions of Excel or Microsoft Word to his tablet or Smartphone.

4) QuickBooks for Android

QuickBooks for Android

If you are looking for accounting tools to manage your business finance then QuickBooks is the best accounting tools which will help you to manage your business finance. QuickBooks accept business payment, pay and manage bills, Payroll functions. The QuickBooks Android app isn’t full  featured but  its mobile companion app provide useful tools which will help you to track sales, invoices  and received payments.

5) OneNote

OneNoteMicrosoft one Note usually a computer program allow user for free from information gathering and multi user collaboration. It gathers user notes, drawing, Audio clipping. This notes can be share with others users over the network or internet. It automatically synchronized all users’ notes to one drive so user can backed and access is via the cloud or network.

6) Microsoft Office

Microsoft OfficeYou are Android tablet owner then there is no need to waste your time with Microsoft’s super limited office mobile app because Microsoft launched the latest full version office apps for Android tablets. The app include full desktop version of world, power point and excel. In addition to this the app is integrated with Microsoft‘s one drive cloud storage platform which allow user sync its documents across all devices.

7) Square register

Square registerThis is a useful tool for smaller business who loves to do payment through credit cards. Simply download the Square register app. After downloading you can sign up to receive a credit card reader dongle free in your inbox. You have simply plug the download dongle into the head phone jack on your phone and simply swipe the credit card to start payment processing. Accepting payment is most important thing to grow you r business.

8) Skype

SkypeSkype is most popular and powerful tool for any business now days. The app not only allows the video chats, video callings but also the exchange of text and video message too.   App is available for free. You can simply sign up by using email id. The app allows solid video conferencing to connect remotely with business clients or employees. You can also use it not only for business purpose but also for personal purpose too. The Skype app for android allow user video calling using the front camera. One most important of this app, if you are out of office you can drop your virtually existence in the office.

9) Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar App has its own important in today’s business. There are so many calendar related apps in the Google Play Store but Google calendar is best for business purpose. In Google Calendar there is no need to set special reminders for calls or business meetings, Google Calendar automatically sent alerts and reminders to users Gmail inbox.

10) Expense Manager

Expense Manager

Expense Manager is most useful tool for finance entrepreneurs. Expense Manager is personal finance app provides dozens of tools for business entrepreneurs. The app allow user  to track, categorize and record their business expenses by organizing them  into visual graphs to show where your credit is utilize.



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