Top 10 Financial Travelling Tips

Travelling can become a less expensive. Before travelling you should follow some financial tips. Due to this tip, your travelling becomes a very easy and secure. If you use these financial tips before travel, then you will help ease the burden on your wallet. You can enjoy your travel adventure. Travelling around the world requires only a little planning, especially if you are planning to travel to some foreign location like Thailand Tours which is far away and requires you to loosen your purse strings. Here also, if you are traveling yourself, you need not worry much. Here are the some financial tips before you travel:

Financial Tips

1) Prepare a budget for your trip

Deciding your Budget before the travel is the most important part. If you prepare budgets for 2 weeks but if you want to enjoy trip for 3 weeks and you discover that your card is declined. But if you prepare a budget before you travel, then you will have enough money to get you through your trip. Some costs to consider including in your budgets are; transporting food each day, shopping, optional excursions like diving or hiring a car.

2) Tell your bank where you are going

Before going to any foreign country trip you should tell your bank where you are going. Before you go, also make sure you compare bank accounts for the best deal on savings, credit card rates and transaction fees.

3) Get a no-foreign-fee credit card

All credit card issuers charges foreign usage fees which increase the cost of transaction outside the United States. No foreign fee credit cards are never charge these fees. You should get this card before booking hotels, flights and activities. So before travelling get a no-foreign-fee credit card and enjoy your tour.

4) Cash Carrying Tips

Separate your cash and not keep all the cash in the same place. Keep small amount of cash in toe of shoes, Stash Belt, Hidden Pouches. Your cash will be safe and secure. If you are nervous for your safety then you might want to use a Decoy Wallet. If you are travelling with your partner then share some cash with your partner.

5) Use credit card for purchases, not a debit card

A credit card offers many financial benefits for purchases over debit card, but that’s not true when travelling. A credit card is not directly linked to your saving account, that’s why fraudster couldn’t get direct access to your saving account. This includes various things like fraudulent charge protection, which can definitely help you.

6) Check your cards and make copies

Check the expiry dates of your debit card, credit card or prepaid card. Make sure that all the cards are valid for the whole trip. Make photocopies of your debit card, credit card or prepaid card. Keep all the copies in separate places. Scan them and email them to yourself.

7) Purchase travel insurance

While travelling, when you are short on cash, travel insurance can quickly help you. Before travelling, travel medical insurance and death insurance also purchase. Travel insurance helpful during trip cancellation, lost your luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred during travelling within your own country or a foreign country.

8) Research Potential travel troubles

Sites such as, offer lots of advice about what to do in any trouble or risky situations. You can also get input from your colleagues, friends or family members.

9) Backup plan

Before you go on your trip, split the money with whoever you are travelling with. If one of you is robbed, then you still have money with you. If you are travelling single then consider hiding your money in your secret compartment of clothing. There are lots of options to keep your money safe. Store your Credit, Debit, or Prepaid cards in separate places, so you have a backup if you lose one.

10) Don’t forget about the bills at home

After returning to home you realize that you had forgotten to pay a bill then you are in trouble. You forgot to pay off your credit card and you have an amount of interest included. This will be take your years to pay off. So don’t forget about the bills at home.


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