Top 10 Finance apps for Android

Now a day’s finance app or tools has their own value and importance in today’s business.  As Technology getting advance day by day result in discovering more finance apps with latest features. Financial apps have their own importance in financial industries or any finance firms. Finance apps not only used by large industries but also each and every small business, colleges, agencies, financial firms, industries to calculate their monthly, annually finance reports. There are so many benefits of finance apps. App will save your time and money to give most efficient results. Finance apps are not only used by finance firms but can also be used to manage day to day finance activates.

1) Financisto Expense Manager-Free

Financisto Expense Manager is a best financial app absolutely free of cost. The app is most convenient tool for accounting purpose. The app keeps your transactions easily with its New Transaction Widgets. App allows you to transfer your financial credits from one account to another securely and conveniently. One of the great features of the app is called ‘Blotter’ which allows user to record not only the transactions but also the accounts in a single page.

Financisto Expense Manager

  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple currencies
  • Cloud Back up
  • Scheduling transactions
  • Transferring money
  • Home currency and Exchange Rates

2) Virtual Wallet by PNC

Virtual Wallet is one of the easy approaches to Spend, save your money. Virtual wallet is free finance android app by PNC which presents user with a lot of services in pretty package. It’s just not a app small banks in your packet available 24/7 with you. The app allows banking features such as remote deposits, paying bills and remote deposits. App comes absolutely free of cost

Virtual Wallet

  • Easy money transfer
  • Remote deposits
  • Paying bills

3) Moneywise

Money wise is top rated management app. App is available absolutely free of cost you can upgrade its pro version by just paying $6.98. Apps help you to keep your financial track which will help you to study and understand your financial standings. The app allows user compare records using money wise ‘tag’ features. One of the great features of this app is that it allows user to get overview of spending patterns using graphs and filters. User can export his data on computer and can import it to spreadsheet.


  • It supports all currencies
  • Export data to a spreadsheet application
  • Doesn’t required registration or internet access
  •  Monitor account balances

4) Anza Money Free

Anza Money is a free finance tool by Anza Software LLC. You can upgrade its pro version by paying just $9.95. It’s a powerful fiancé toll that all user to upload its bank account.

Anza Money Free

  • Tracking of income accounts
  • Expenses for multiple accounts
  • Allow user to customize income and expense categories

5) Easy Money

Easy money is a free pretty finance app. It allows user to download its free trial version for 30 days. You can upgrade to its pro version by just paying $9.95. User can set to send notifications for upcoming bills. One of the great features of this app is that it rich interference and inbuilt custom keyboard which make easy for user to insert key in numbers for their transactions.

Easy Money

  • Rich interference
  • Inbuilt custom keyboard
  • Allows user to spilt transactions

 6) Cash

Cash is financial app freely available for all android devices. One of the great features of this app is that it is flexible, powerful and easy to use.  App allows user to track stocks, bank accounts, income and expenses.


  • Easy and intuitive accounts navigation
  • Drop Box synchronization
  • Full support of multiple currencies
  • Summary report
  • Expenses, Incomes and Assets pie charts
  • Localizations- English, Korean, French, Russian

7) Daily Money

Daily money is free and simple finance android application. It allow user to record daily expenses, income, asset and liability. It has multiple books for different currency. It allow user to Export database to SD and restore it during new installation. You can export or import database to CSV. One of the best features of Daily Money is that it’s a password protected.

Daily Money

  • Password protection
  • Balance pie chart & time chart.
  • Multiple books for different currency
  • Record daily expense, income, asset and liability

8) Droid Wallet- Money Manager

Looking for perfect money manager finance app that keep a budget and save your money?  Droid Wallet is the perfect money manager finance app that allows you track all of expenses and income to see your budget for extra spending. Droid Wallet is your personal money manager.  App Setup up bills such as  rent, insurance, utilities and income. It allows user Manage his expenses and income in separate lists. One of the great features of Droid Wallet is that it’s a password protected.

Droid Wallet

  • Password protection
  • Drop box integration
  • Manage your expenses and your income in separate lists
  • View expenses or income by the transaction category

9) Expense Manager

Expense Manager is another perfect money manager finance app that keeps a budget and save your money. Expense Manager is simple, intuitive, stable and feature-rich finance app that give everything you needed at your fingertips to manage your budget and save your money. App allows user to track expenses and incomes, Recurring expense and income, tracking tax, Tracking debts and many more great finance features.

Expense Manager1

  • Tracking expenses and incomes
  • Multiple accounts
  • Taking a picture of receipt
  • Recurring expense and income
  • Tracking debts

10) Money Tracker

Looking for finance application tool to manage your daily expenses and save you money? Monet tracker is best finance application tool to manage your daily expenses and money. Simply enter your all daily expenses app will immediately calculate your month balance. App allows you to see available money to spend it till end of month.

Money Tracker

  • Monthly spending budgets
  • Graphical monthly reports
  • Export and import of data
  •  Calculating end of month balance, and available money
  • Export and import of data

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