Top 10 Finance Apps for Android

Google App Store of Android has a several number of financial apps. Selecting the best financial apps from that is not easy task. You should check the performance, its features and so on. The app should make the financial process as painless as possible. Here are some best finance apps for android. Most of these finance apps are free of cost.

1) Good Expense and Budget

Good Expense and Budget

In every single month, you are spending money for different purposes. To know about your budget per month, Good Expense and Budget app will helps you. Good Expense and Budget app for Android is a full of powerful features without compromising simplicity. This app allows you to do things like check envelope balances, sync your family budget and also split transactions.

2) PayPal


Everyone is familiar with PayPal android app. You can use it as your own personal digital wallet. This app will allow you to do secure and safe payments online at thousands and thousands of online traders. You can choose how to pay or send money to a friend, family for free. Some physical retails are now accepting PayPal for payments. It will allow you to pay for goods at stores.

3) Venmo


Venmo is a simple android app to send money to family, friends or anyone. It can be simple way to split bills for a night out or great way to give half of the rent to your roommate. The best part about this app is that when someone sends money to you or you send money to someone else then they can transfer money to bank account night-over. So payments are really quick and easy.

4) Credit Karma

Credit Karma

First step toward building your financial feature is understands your credit. Credit Karma app offers you handy financial tools, free credit scores and credit report card and monitoring. This app also provides personalized reference to improve credit rating. The app will automatically update your credit score on weekly basis. Credit monitoring can alert you to things like new accounts or important changes in your credit report.

5) Monefy Pro

Monefy Pro

Monefy Pro is the best application to help you track your expenditure. Usability of this app is fast and it syncs your expenditure tracking with your Dropbox account. It will add new records extremely fast and you can use it on multiple devices. You can add new categories, create or change records or delete old ones. Also you can select currency that you want to use and most convenient language that you want.

6) Acorns – Invest Spare Change

Acorns – Invest Spare Change

Keeping track of your expenditure and having budgeted is best things to stay on top of your finances, but you might want to think about investing. This app takes your spare change from daily transaction and invests it to create personalized smart portfolio. This app makes the investing process as simple as possible. Acorns app offers you bank level security.

7) You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget

The You Need a Budget app is a free desktop app or personal finance tool. The app is free, but you need to pay for desktop program, because mobile apps won’t work without desktop version. You Need a Budget app is best app to manage your finances and sticking to your budget. It gives you real time updates on your spending.

8) Mint: Finance. Budgets & Money


Mint is best finance app that helps to make budget, stick to it, take control of your money and keep track of your expenditure. The app has a tablet version that will show you graphs and charts so you can visualize where you are spending your money. You can manage your money from wherever you are and also you can take advice or personalized tips to maximize your money.

9) My Budget Book

My Budget Book

My Budget Book is another best application to manage your expenditure. You can create your own backup so you never lose your data. You can create your budget goals for specific period of time. This is the unique feature of this app. You can also import your existing data using the CSV import function. This app will helps you to stay on top of your expenditure and income.

10) Home Budget with Sync

Home Budget with Sync

This is pretty finance application that helps you to track bills, expenses and income also. Home Budget with sync android app contains great features for budgeting. The design and flow of this app is really easy to work. Like Mint application, you can visualize things with charts and graphs so you can see things more easily. When you are tracking your spending doesn’t enter data directly. First take snapshot of your receipts and then drag and resize them if you want.


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