Top 10 Adventures Tours in Thailand

Adventure travel or tour is a type of tourism involving travel with your actual risk. In adventures tour, you will require specialized skills and physical exertion. An adventure tour has grown in recent year due to the different kinds of vacations. I am going to introduce you some of the adventures tours in Thailand.

 1) Snorkeling


Snorkeling is one of the Water Sports Coral Islands Pattaya, Thailand. For Snorkeling, 10 best beaches are available in Thailand. Some of these are the islands, Banana Beach, Ao Sane Beach, Laem Ka Beach, Laem Singh Beach, etc. Snorkeling will teach you how to get lost in the blue during an open-water dive. In Snorkeling, You can enjoy the underwater beauty of marine life.

 2) Cycling and Mountain Biking


Thailand is one of the great destinations for Cycling and Mountain Biking. You can enjoy the cycling on road or off road. Mountain, jungles, villages will be the great destinations to enjoy the cycling and mountain biking. Mountain Biking is popular in this country. Once you start the mountain biking, you can hit the town. In Cycling and Mountain Biking, you should have a good physical condition.

 3) Whitewater Rafting


Whitewater Rafting is a challenging activity using a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. You can enjoy the thrill of this whitewater rafting. This is one of the thrilling and enjoyable adventure tours. Whitewater Rafting is newly added into the many adventures tours.

 4) Waterfall Abseiling


Water Abseiling is one of the rock climbing. Abseiling is also known as rappelling.  You can enjoy this abseil, or repel in Thailand’s beautiful and powerful waterfalls. Middle of the fall is the best and suitable spot to do abseiling. You’ll be able to get closer and fell the rapids on you. The height is approximately 50 meters. It is not too easy for experienced climbers, or too hard for beginners. You will feel your heart in your chest as you lean over the edge of a 35-foot waterfall and the ground slowly slips beneath your feet.

 5) Elephant Riding


In Elephant Riding, You feel relax from your all tour. You can take the elephant ride through local Thai villages and surrounding the forest. You should not miss this experience of elephant riding during Thailand Tour. You can enjoy the half hour ride or 5 day trek through local villages or jungles of Northern Thailand.

 6) Jungle Trekking


You can enjoy the Jungle Trekking in various areas of Northern and Central Thailand. Get intimate with the wilds of Thailand during Jungle Trekking. In Jungle Trekking, You can enjoy Mountain ridges, Rainforests and experience camping in the beautiful Thai wild life. In Thailand, Trekking is popular in the Maetang and Chiangdao region due to good forest, scenic landscapes and ethnic minorities.

 7) Caving


Enjoy the caving adventures in Thailand. You can found these caves in Pang Mapha District of the Mae Hong Son. Here you can enjoy journey of underground and discover wild life, history and geology. Enjoy the Vertical caves and collapsed caves.

 8) Skydiving


All are knows that skydiving is an amazing scary experience. The weather of the Thailand is good 365 days a year, so you can enjoy skydiving every single day. You can experience the thrill of a lifetime by stripping yourself to a jumpmaster. It is one of Life’s most memorable experiences because sky is the limit.

 9) Zip Lining


During Thailand Tour, never miss the experience of Zip Lining. In Zip Lining, You can get to flying across the topmost part  of the jungle where the birds and monkeys hang. As like the bird, you can view world surrounding you, beside the beautiful beaches. From sea to the sky, you will experience the Chiang Mai rainforests.

 10) Sea Kayaking


Enjoy the Sea Kayaking to venture deeper into remote areas and natural environment of Northern Thailand. After enjoying the Thailand’s scenery and wildlife, you should enjoy the Sea Kayaking. There is no the better way to experience the marine environments in Thailand. No big backpacks to carry; everything fits comfortably into our kayaks, which also allows you to bring additional amenities, such as big roomy tents, thicker comfortable sleeping pads, all of which add to your comfort.

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